Yogamudrasana Technique and Benefits

This posture is very important in yoga practice, hence it is named Yogamudrasana. Meditation in the Manipur Chakra. Breathing Laxatives, Aquarius and Supplements.

Technique of  Yogamudrasana:
Put both hands behind your back by applying Padmasana. Hold the wrist of the right hand with the left hand. Drag both hands to the meeting place of waist and back. Now do laxative and do Kumbhak. By stopping the breath, tilt the body forward and rest on the ground. Then slowly raise the head and straighten the body and supplement it. Initially, if this posture is difficult, then do sitting in Sukhasana or Siddhasana. Full benefit comes from sitting in Padmasana.

Benefits of Yogamudrasana:
If you do these asanas to cure the defect of the organs of the digestive system, do it only for five-ten seconds, three to five times in one sitting. Generally this asana should be done for three minutes. If doing Yogamudrasana for spiritual purpose, then increase the duration of time according to interest and strength.

If Yogamudrasana is well proved then Kundalini Shakti is awakened. The disease of stomach gas is cured. All complaints of stomach and intestines go away. Choleza, lung, etc. are in place. Heart becomes strong. Blood disorders are overcome.

Leprosy and sex disorders are destroyed. If the stomach is large, it gets buried inside. The body becomes strong. Mental strength increases.
Yogamudrasana makes the abdomen strong. It helps the abdominal organs to stay in their place. Naditantra and especially the nadi-mandar of the waist gets strength.

In this posture, where there are aids, there are parts of constipation. The pressure on them causes excitement in the intestines. Chronic constipation is removed. Constipation caused by disorganization of organs is also destroyed by the organ being re-positioned in its place. Yogamudrasana is very beneficial in the weakness of the metal.

Precautions in Yogamudrasana:
After knowing the method and benefits of Yogamudrasana, do not start doing this asana immediately. First check whether you should do this asana or not. If your physical condition is such that you should not do this asana then do not.

  1. Yogamudrasana should be done according to its capacity. If you exceed your capacity then you may also face loss.
  2. Men or women suffering from hernia, high blood pressure, pregnancy and sciatica should not do this asana.
  3. Do the asana under the supervision of an accomplished yoga instructor.

Yogamudrasana is beneficial in this diseases :

1. diabetes
Performing this asana exercises the pancreas. The disorder begins to decrease as blood circulation to the pancreas increases. This also causes the deformed pancreas to slowly recover. If this is done with the right Ayurvedic medicines and other yogasanas, then one can get rid of fatal diseases like diabetes.

2. obesity
By performing Yogamudrasana, the fat of the stomach decreases, the liver or liver starts functioning properly. Which helps in reducing weight.

3. Constipation
It is often seen that many diseases arise in our body due to constipation. By doing this asana, not only does one get rid of constipation, but also keeps a distance from all the diseases that result from constipation.

We hope that by reading this article related to the method and benefits of Yogamudrasan, you will definitely take advantage of it and share your experiences in the comment box below.

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