What is the Difference between Conscious Subconscious and Unconscious Mind

To make our life successful, it is very important for us to know what is our mind? How does that work ?? According to psychology, there are 3 types of our mind.

  1. Conscious mind
  2. Subconscious mind
  3. Unconscious mind

 Out of this you will know about Unconscious Mind, but you will not know about conscious and subconscious mind, so let me tell you about it today. By knowing about conscious mind and subconscious mind, by understanding them, our problems will work and we will start walking on the path of success.

Conscious mind – Conscious mind is our active mind, which we call our active state, by which we make any decision through our thinking, reasoning, and work.
When we learn or do something for the first time, we are very conscious, we are scared, for example, when we learn driving for the first time, then our entire focus is on our car and nowhere is our conscious mind. Don’t know how to adjust and that’s why we are confused and scared when doing any work for the first time. In this way our conscious mind works, whatever is happening with us, what we are seeing now, feeling that all these are examples of conscious mind

Sub Conscious Mind- When we drive a car for the second or third time, then talking on the phone while driving the car, listening to songs, we do all these activities together without hesitation, because all these actions are done by our subconscious mind.
Whatever your conscious mind knows on which it believes, whether it is good or bad, it is positive or positive. Your subconscious mind turns it into reality,

Your subconscious mind cannot reason and think. Our understanding is the direct effect of our belief on the subconscious mind, our success is the direct connection of our failure to the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind would be like the mind of a child, the form in which you mold it will become that

In childhood, many negative suggestions are given to our subconscious mind, due to which we are not able to succeed today because our subconscious mind has made some rules in childhood.

For example, when someone tells us in childhood that you will not get this work from you, you will never pass through the 1st Number, these negative suggestions are given to us directly, it has a direct effect on our subconscious mind, like a child in childhood. Jada trusts his parents, he believes what he says is true and believes with closed eyes, Sub Conscious Mind is the same.
So now you must have understood that our subconscious mind works like an autopilot system, it is like a program but operating it is done by our conscious mind
Our sub-conscious mind is responsible for our success, achievement or overall development.

When we surrender to our goal, then the goal sits in our subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is always in balance. It is possible that your conscious mind is not in balance then it does what your subconscious mind is thinking, without the cooperation of the subconscious mind, any man will be confused and will be in a dilemma if not in a state of decision. If the goal has become deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, then you work properly and the goal progresses further.

Increase the power of your sub conscious mind-

1) Change your thinking, think positive, believe in yourself and do not consider yourself less, make positive assumptions about yourself
Pay attention to our plus point and not our weakness
Whenever a negative thing comes in our mind, replace it with good thoughts
Get used to positive thinking

2) Change your way:
Whenever we feel a failure in pursuing the goal, then do not feel discouraged or do not think that this work will not happen to me, I am very Dull, I can never move forward.
Rather you are coming to EXPERIENCE and PERFECTION comes from EXPERIENCE only and only and every successful person has a big list of Bad Experience .. Understand your shortcomings, we are saying that we are working, what should be used, all these things Look at it and try to fulfill our shortcomings once again.

3) Do Meditation:
Friends, wake up every morning and go to the Morning Walk, do some exercise and meditation, due to this we feel an enthusiasm, an Engery, a newness. Just some one is trapped in PROBLEM, by mediation we get peace, our stress ends and our concentration increases.

4) Focus on your goal:
   Always pay attention to your goals and make a plan.

5) Visualize Visualization:
   Imagine your goal and your dream, we have already achieved our goal and our friends, parents are very happy, everyone is praising you. By imagining this, we get a lot of inspiration and the happiness that we have On the face of family members, we try our best to convert it into truth.

Sub Conscious Mind gives us success, but it too has a limit, we have to work hard ourselves, we cannot achieve our goal without working hard. The subconscious mind only helps us in achieving our goal, not any magical power in it.

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