What is Moolbandh in yoga?

What is Moolbandh in yoga?
If we try to understand its action carefully, then it is easily understood and also in practice. Moolabandha has two grounds. Giving a heel pressure to the central place between the perforation parts of a stool urine. The second is the anal shrinkage as well as the pulling of the ureters over the vascular system.

“Mula” suggests that root and “bandha” suggests that binding or a lock, in Indo-Aryan. Mula Bandha, additionally pronounced as “moola bandha” may be a yoga technique that contains, so channels the energy associated with mula-dhara chakra. Mula dhara chakra is found at your spine’s tip, and it represents the extent of consciousness – and here, the essential survival desires show their dominance.

For this, many asanas can be used. Put the second on top of each leg by kicking. Let yourself sit on top of it and let the pressure on the genital roots

The second posture is to make one leg extended forward and bend the other leg to allow its heel pressure to fall on the interstitial part of the fecal-urinary tract. The thing to remember is that the pressure is light. Heavy pressure can damage the nerves in that place.

With the help of resolving power, the anus is slowly pulled upwards and then slowly released. Along with anal shrinkage, urinary nerves also naturally shrink and pull upward. With that, the breath also has to be pulled upwards. This action should be done 10 times in the beginning. After this, up to 25 can be reached, increasing the order of one per week. This action is also known as Ashwini mudra or Vajroli verb. While doing this, there should be a feeling in the mind that the center of sexual arousal is creeping upwards from the spinal cord and the brain is reaching the Sahasrara Chakra located in the central part.

Benefits of Moolbandha:
– Moolbandh directly awakens the Muladhara Chakra in which Kundalini Shakti is asleep!
On awakening the Muladhar Chakra, you get a lot of divine powers and diseases are destroyed.
– This action is helpful in controlling the sexuality and fulfilling the purpose of Kundalini upliftment.

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