What is meditation, how many ways of meditation?

What is meditation?

Meditation is a mental exercise involving relaxation, focus and awareness. Meditation is an exercise for the mind just as physical exercise works for the body. This practice is usually performed in a seated position in person and with eyes closed.

Meditation is a practice in which a person focuses on a particular object, idea, or activity using a technique, such as mindfulness, to increase focus and awareness. Its practice makes a person mentally clear and provides peace and stability emotionally.
Meditation is beneficial for your health in many ways. It makes you physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

By practicing meditation regularly you can get the following benefits: 
Reducing stress is one of the advantages of meditation. It relaxes by controlling the level of cortisol.
Meditation provides relief by calming your mind in mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and depression.

Regular practice of meditation also reduces symptoms of anxiety disorder such as phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, compulsive disorder, etc.
Meditation slows the aging process and helps you to maintain youth.
Meditation helps you to relax, which helps you to sleep well.

Types of Meditation:

1. Spiritual meditation:
Popular, spiritual meditation in Hindu and Christianity helps you to form a deeper connection with your God. To practice this meditation, you have to make sure that you sit in silence and concentrate on your breath. While meditating, each of your thoughts should be centered on your breath.

2. Zen meditation:
Zen meditation is a part of Buddhist tradition. It should be practiced under the guidance of a trend professional. Its practice involves some special steps and asanas. It helps to speed up your brain and provides relaxation by relieving you of stress.

3. Mindfulness meditation:
Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps a practicing person to be aware and present in the present. By practicing this meditation you can make yourself alert and alert. During its practice you focus on all the activities, sounds and smells happening around you. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

4. Kundalini yoga:
Kundalini yoga is a type of meditation in which you are physically active. It consists of taking several breaths along with taking deep breaths and chanting mantras. For this you usually need to take a class or you can learn from an instructor. However, you can also learn asanas and mantras at home.

5. Mantra Meditation:
Mantra is a Sanskrit word consisting of two words mana which means “brain” or “think” and trai which means “to protect” or “to free from”. Therefore mantra means to free your mind or to free thinking. The practice of mantra meditation takes your mind away from negative thoughts and leads it to positivity.

Meditation can be practiced at any time of the day, whenever you are comfortable doing it and the environment around you is appropriate for focusing. But it is considered appropriate to practice meditation when the sun rises in the morning. It opens your senses, activates the mind and calms the mind. Apart from this, you can also practice meditation in the evening.

You can practice meditation like yoga once or twice a day, but it is important that you practice it everyday.

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