Vajrasana for Weight Loss


Vajrasana means that a strong position. This posture is understood as Vajrasana by providing biological process power, body fluid power and nervous power. Meditation in muladhara chakra and respiration prolonged.

Technique of Vajrasana:

On the lying posture, bend each legs with knees and sit on each the heels. the 2 thumbs of the feet ought to be connected. be high of the soles of the feet. The waist and back stay absolutely straight, keep each hands on the knee while not bending them with elbows. The palms face down. Set the sight before. One will apply Vajrasana from 5 minutes to [*fr1] AN hour. golf shot Vajrasana on the rear and lying on the bottom results in dormant Vajrasana.

Vajrasana Benefits:

With the apply of Vajrasana, the middle of the body remains straight. The speed of respiration will increase air because of deceleration down. The eyes remove darkness from. Vajranadi means that body fluid stream is robust.
The body becomes like thunderbolt because of the uptake of body fluid. This posture are often done simply for an extended time. By removing the inconstancy of the mind, someone becomes a stable mind. By creating the blood transfusions properly within the body, the body becomes healthy and delightful.
Sitting during this posture once a meal improves digestion power, food digest quickly. The abdomen air is destroyed. All abdomen diseases ar destroyed by eliminating constipation. Salvation is found from the remains. Strength will increase within the back, waist, thigh, knee and legs. Air illness of the waist and legs ends. Memory will increase.
Diseases like irregularity of flow ar overcome. Spermatorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, knee pain etc. ar destroyed. Muscles ar athletic. This attitude is beneficial to extend energy and to get rid of mental frustration. This posture is additionally sensible for meditation. work up and mental happiness ar manifested by its apply. there’s accumulation of strength day by day, thus there’s a good increase in physical strength.

Then the person doesn’t suffer from fever, headache, constipation, any minor illness like arrhythmia or symptom, as a result of the illness doesn’t dare to enter the dominion of health.

Precautions And Contraindications

This attitude is extraordinarily safe. However, these ar some stuff you ought to take care regarding once you begin active this attitude.

  1. It is best to avoid this attitude if you’ve got a knee downside or have undergone surgery in your knees recently.
  2. Pregnant ladies ought to keep their knees slightly apart after they apply this attitude in order that they avoid golf shot pressure on their abdomen.
  3. Try to not over arch or overuse your body part spine to take a seat erect.
  4. Those plagued by enteral ulcers, hernia, or the other issues associated with the big or gut ought to apply this create below the steering of a yoga educator.

Beginner’s Tips

As a beginner, once you assume this position, it’s seemingly that your legs may begin to pain in no time. If this happens, all you would like to try to to is undo the attitude, and stretch your legs forward. offer your ankles, knees, and calf muscles a decent massage. In time, with apply, you must be able to go up to half-hour well during this attitude.

Also, beginners ought to work slowly and bit by bit on bettering  the strength of the muscles within the lower back before they struggle to travel deeper into the create or increasing the period. Once the lower back is strong, the strain on the breath is cut. it’s conjointly vital to notice that if you push yourself over your body will take, the advantages of the create ar reduced.

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