Uttrasana is made up of two words. Camel means camel. In this posture, the body looks like a camel, hence it is called by this name. According to healthy benefits, uttrasana is an important yoga practice in sitting posture. Ustrasana is a yoga exercise that plays an important role in alleviating anger and physical disorders.

Technique of Uttrasana:

  • First you sit on your knees on the floor or you sit in Vajrasana.
  • Keep in mind that keep the thighs and feet together, the claws should be at the back and frozen on the floor.
  • Keep a distance of about one foot between the knees and feet.
  • Now you stand on your knees.
  • Breathing, bend backwards and now place the right palm on the right heel and the left palm on the left heel.
  • Be careful not to jerk the neck while bending back.
  • In the final pose, the thighs will be angled from the floor and the head will be bent backwards.
  • Body weight should be equally on the arms and legs.
  • Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly.
  • As far as possible, maintain the currency according to your needs.
  • And then take long deep breaths and come to your initial state.
  • It was a cycle.
  • In this way you can do it five to seven times.

Benefits of of Uttrasana:

  • Uttrasana for abdominal fat: By practicing this yoga, you can reduce your abdominal fat. If you do this correctly then abdominal fat can be reduced to a great extent.
  • For Ustrasan Diabetes: By practicing this, you can control diabetes to a great extent as it stimulates your pancreas and helps in the secretion of insulin.
  • Ustrasana For Lung: It is a good asana for healthy lungs and protects you from lung related problems.
  • Reduces Anger: This yoga practice helps to calm you down while reducing anger.
  • Ustrasana for the eye: Ustrasana is very useful for people with vision impairment.
  • Ustrasana in backache: Practicing it in front of a specialist helps a lot in back pain. This asana is a panacea for back pain.
  • Neck Pain: Also helps in reducing neck pain.
  • Utsasana beneficial in digestion: It is beneficial in digestive problems.
  • For a beautiful face: For a thin waist and a beautiful face one should practice Uttrasana.
  • Benefits in slip disc: It is helpful in removing slip disc and sciatica when done in front of a specialist.
  • Eliminates menstrual problems: This asana is beneficial in removing troubles like menstruation in women.

Caution in Uttrasana:

  • It should not be done in high blood pressure.
  • People suffering from heart disease should avoid doing it.
  • People with hernia should not do this asana.
  • Do not practice it in high back pain.
  • Patients with sciatica and slip disc should do this in front of a specialist.

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