Trataka Meditation

How do you practice Trataka and what its Importance in our life?

Indian Yoga Guru Dr. Shakya Says That Meditation makes your thinking positive, this causes you to leave the negative part of your life and start thinking about positive things. Trots meditation can help you in this.

Our eyes and our brain are connected to each other, about half of our brain works on what our eyes see. Our visual sense in our five senses enhances the functioning of our brain. By constantly looking at something, our mind almost gets into a state of meditation. Tratka meditation is the name in which your eyes work to calm your mind.

How to do tratka meditation:

External: In the first stage you can take the flame of the lamp or any other light as a focus point and focus on it. The effect of meditating on this light directly affects your brain, this enables you to bring all your energy in a single stream.

Inner: In the second phase you meditate on the image that you created in your mind by focusing on the light. It can be in the form of a light, a flame or some other form. You close your eyes in it and focus on a particular image that you have created in your mind.
Zero: This trotka is the third state of meditation in which you can either look at the sky with a gaze or you can meditate on the empty space between any two things in your mind.

According to Indian Yoga Guru Dr. Shakya Trataka meditation is a way to meditate to calm people’s minds which is very easy. It controls the mind and gives it peace. Along with this, it also helps to keep the person mentally healthy and protect them from anxiety, depression etc.
Signs that tell you that you are meditating correctly

Meditation brings peace and positivity in life, but people do not fully concentrate while doing meditation, due to which the question remains in the mind of the people whether they are doing the meditation properly or not.

Meditation is the best way to overcome negative thoughts and gain mental peace. It makes your thoughts calm, rational and also teaches to keep emotions under control. But at times while doing meditation, this question arises in the mind of the people, are they doing the treatment properly? We are all living such a life where we need the results of everything, but it is very important to keep restraint while mediation. If you are doing meditation properly, these signs will appear.

1.Reduced anger and increased thinking: As you get absorbed in meditation, you start to understand the importance of being patient. As a result, you see that the feeling of anger in you gradually decreases and you start being more patient.

2.You start becoming a calm person: The most important result of meditation is that you start becoming a calm person. If you do meditation properly, then you will feel that you are slowly turning into a quiet person.

3. Happiness: Everyone wants happiness in their life and meditation is very important for this. If you do meditation properly, you will find that your thoughts are becoming positive and you are happy.

4. Creative and positive thoughts: meditation makes the most impact on your way of thinking, when you do meditation properly you feel that your creativity and positivity of thoughts is increasing

By doing meditation, individuals can improve their concentration by calming themselves. Meditation can also reduce anxiety. But there are some secrets related to meditation, which are important to know about.

It is important to feel all the feelings of happiness and sorrow in life. You feel these feelings from your friends, family members, relationships, work. But because of thinking more about all these things a person starts to worry. Being worried does not remove negative thoughts and everyday people ask questions about their behavior. Meditation is very beneficial to relieve anxiety. Doing this daily can improve a person’s concentration. Also calms you down.

It sounds a bit strange to hear this, but it is true that if you want to do meditation, then you need a separate time for it. You cannot overcome anxiety by meditating for a while. Therefore, do not make excuses for time, do meditation daily. Do mediation with your day’s work, so that you don’t forget to do it. Meditation is the first thing to be done after waking up in the morning. This helps to relieve anxiety.

With the help of meditation, complete anxiety is removed. When you start mediation, the anxiety starts decreasing. But it does not go away completely.

Yoga Guru Dr. Shakya Says That Meditation is a very good way to relieve anxiety, but it does not mean that nothing can remove anxiety from it. Anxiety can also be overcome by walking, spending time in nature and talking to your loved ones. Meditation gives you time to feel your experiences. Anxiety cannot be completely removed by mediation, but it can definitely calm the body.

Meditation should be started a short time. It is not that you sit for 10-20 minutes on the first day of meditation. It takes time for you to instill any new habit. To do this you sit for 1 minute a day. Increase the time while doing this. After that you will be able to do it easily.

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