After Padmasana comes the place of Siddhasana. Being the recipient of supernatural attainments, it is named Siddhasana. This is the favorite posture of Siddha yogis. Brahmacharya is superior in Yama, defecation is superior in rules, whereas Siddhasana is superior in asanas. Meditation in the cycle of obedience and breathing, long, natural.

Technique of siddhasana:

Sit on the pedestal and leave the legs open. Now keep the heel of the left foot between the anus and the genitals. Place the heel of the right foot over the genitals in such a way that there is no pressure on the genitals and testicles. The order of the feet can also change. The soles of both feet remain in the middle part of the thigh. Keep the palm upward, thus keep both hands on each other in the lap. Or keep both hands above both knees in Jnanamudra. Keep your eyes open or closed. Let the respiration run naturally. Focus your attention on the oblation cycle. You can practice this asana for five minutes. When the higher class of meditation comes, the mind gets rid of the body.
The practice of Siddhasana purifies all the nerves of the body. Prenatva naturally attains upward movement. Consequently it becomes easier to concentrate the mind.

Benefits of siddhasana:

Digestion is regular. Breathing diseases, heart disease, chronic fever, indigestion, diarrhea, spermatosis etc. are overcome. Many diseases such as Mandagni, Marora, Sangrini, Vatvikar, Kshya, Asthma, Madhupremesh, spleen enlargement etc. occur. The diseases which are overcome by the practice of Padmasana are also overcome by the practice of Siddhasana.
This asana is especially helpful in celibacy. Thoughts become pure. The mind concentrates The practitioner of Siddhasana can avoid indulgence. The stool of 72 thousand nadis is overcome by the practice of this asana. Semen is protected. This posture must be done by the patient of dreaming.
By practicing Siddhasana, the yogis protect the semen and take it to the brain through pranayama, so that the semen experiences divinity by turning into ooze and meritoriousness. Mental powers develop.
Here some important advantages of Siddhasana are being mentioned.

  1. Helps in attaining celibacy: The practice of this asana helps in ending sexuality and helps in attaining celibacy.
  2. Kundalini Jagran Yoga: This posture, while giving mental stagnation, ensures the flow of life from the microcosm and helps in Kundalini awakening.
  3. In purification of the nerves: Regular practice of this asana purifies all the nerves of the body and brings freshness to the whole body. By practicing this asana, the impurities of 72 thousand nadis can be removed.
  4. Siddhasana for meditation: This asana is the best posture for meditation and also plays a big role in concentrating your mind.
  5. To sharpen the mind: Regular practice of this asana makes the mind sharp. Therefore, it is a great yoga practice for students and students.
  6. Beneficial for digestion: It accelerates your gastritis, is helpful in regulating digestion.
  7. Beneficial for semen: This asana protects semen. Those who have complained of dreaming must practice this asana. And cures sexual diseases.
  8. Siddhasana in piles: Regular practice of Siddhasana can be controlled to a large extent in piles.
  9. Kumbhak posture: With regular practice of this asana, Kumbhak starts easily.

Siddhasana Yoga Caution

  • Siddhasana should not be done by force.
  • This asana should be done in a calm and relaxed manner.
  • If there is pain in the knee, avoid doing this asana for some time.
  • Even those who have complained of back pain should not do this asana.

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