Paschimottanasana Steps and Benefits


This posture is difficult to perform, hence it is called Ugrasana. Ugra means Shiva. Lord Shiva is the destroyer and hence fierce or fierce. In Shiva Samhita, Lord Shiva praised from the free gorge said: This posture is the best posture. Keep it secret secretly. Only tell the secret of this to the authorities.

Meditation in the Manipur Chakra. Breathing supplement in the first position and laxative in the second position and then exhalamus.

Paschimottanasana Steps (Technique):

Sit on the seated posture. Extend both legs long. The thighs, knees, toes of both the legs should be interconnected and remain with the ground. The fingers of the feet should be bent towards the knees. Now make both hands longer.

Hold the right toe with the index finger and thumb of the right hand and the thumb of the left foot with the index finger and thumb of the left hand. Now while doing the laxative, bend down and place the head in the middle of both knees.

Frontal knee should touch and knees remain on the ground. Place both arm keys near the knees from the ground. When the laxative is complete, do the Kumbhak. Establish vision and mindfulness in the Manipur Chakra. Initially, the practice of doing this asana should be increased by half a minute to 15 minutes respectively.
The first two-four days will be difficult, but this practice will become easier once practiced.

Paschimottanasana Benefits:

With the proper practice of Padashtimottanasana, the face of the spinal cord opens and the life moves in the path of the spinal cord, as a result one can win the point. Without winning the point, neither samadhi is proved nor air is stable nor the mind is peaceful. Those men and women who are extremely afflicted by sexual activities should practice this asana. Physical and mental disorders are suppressed by this. The abdomen, chest and spinal cord get good exercise, so they become more efficient.
The joints of the hands, feet and other organs become strong. All the systems of the body are equally functional. The empire of health is established by the destruction of disease.

The practice of this asana leads to retardation, malaise, indigestion, gastric, gastric, cold, cough, leprosy, backache, hiccups, leprosy, diarrhoea, honeycomb, foot diseases, nightmares, semen, hemorrhage, appendicitis, appendicitis, insomnia , Asthma, sour belching, encephalopathy, hemorrhoids, tap inflammation, uterine diseases, irregular and painful menstruation, pregnancy, leucorrhoea, impotence, blood pressure, syrovedana, dwarfism etc. many diseases are removed. Gastritis is illuminated. Kapha and lard are destroyed. Stomach becomes thin.

It is said in Sivasamhita that this asana causes vaudebuddha and he destroys death. This posture increases the height of the body. It is less if there is more physicality in the body. If weakened, the body goes into a normal healthy state. Nadi Institute brings stability. Mental peace is attained. This asana is good for calming anxiety and excitement.

They both develop when there are q scratches on the back and spinal cord. As a result, authority is established over all the components of the body. This asana is the most popular among all asanas. Its practice leads to rejuvenation.

This posture is very dear to Lord Shiva. With his permission, Yogi Gorakhnath has propagated it for public welfare. May you benefit from the amazing benefits of this asana and teach others as well. Padashtimottanasan Yoga Guru Dr.Shakya is also very dear. Yoga Guru Dr.Shakya has benefited greatly from this.

This posture still remains the protector of his health. Reader brothers! You must take advantage of this asana. It will be difficult to get four or five days of the beginning.

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