Padmasana – Lotus Position

Padmasana – Lotus Position:
In this posture, the bottom of the feet changing into sort of a lotus, that is, it’s known as Padmasana or Kamalasana. Dhyana within the command cycle or Anahata Chakra. respiration laxative, Aquarius, long, natural.

Technique Padmasana – Lotus Position:

Sit healthy on a reclining posture. whereas doing the laxative, bend the proper leg and place it on the left thigh. Fold the left leg and place it on the proper thigh. otherwise you will keep the left leg 1st then the proper leg later. The soles of the feet area unit on top of and below the heel navel. Knees remain the bottom. The head, neck, chest, medulla spinalis, etc. ought to stay straight and taut. each hands remained within the Jnanamudra on top of the knees. (Applying the thumb with the finger of the finger, keeping the remaining 3 fingers straight makes Gyanmudra.)
Or keep the manus in your lap. Keep the palm up. Place the proper hand on that within the same method. The fingers of the 2 hands are going to be connected. you’ll additionally keep each hands on your knees with fists.

Do the Kumbhak when completion of the laxative. Initially, if the feet can not be placed on top of the thighs, then keep an equivalent foot. even though there’s a tingling within the feet, don’t get discouraged even though you have got bother, carry on active. The disabled or the patient mustn’t forcefully sit within the Padmasana. Padmasana is for the sturdy and therefore the healthy. The length of your time ought to be hyperbolic by one minute each third day and reach one hour.

Set your sight within the eye or nose. Eyes can even be closed, open or semi-open. Keep the body straight and stable. build the vision focused.

Feel that the hidden reserves of power area unit gap within the Muladhara Chakra. Consciousness within the lower center is dynamic  within the sort of sharp and oozing upwards. Or, by concentrating the mind within the Anahata Chakra (heart), feel that there area unit currents of fragrance flowing through the center lotus. the complete body is smelling from these currents.

Benefits of Padmasana – Lotus Position:

By doing this attitude with the apply of pranayama, the posture is sublimate by purifying the nadi system. within the pure body of a yogi with pure nadi tantra, the shadow of malady willnot stay and he can voluntarily renounce the body.
Sitting in Padmasana creates such a condition of the body that the systema respiratorium, data system and blood circulation system will perform in an exceedingly systematic manner. As a result, vitality develops. A special form of aura seems within the lifetime of a seeker active Padmasana. Yogis, saints and nice men became nice through this attitude.
The apply of Padmasana will increase the passion. Happiness will increase in nature. Mouth becomes beautiful. there’s a supernatural development of intelligence. there’s joy within the mind. Worry, grief, sorrow, physical disorder area unit suppressed. Suvichar begins to seem when Kivichar escapes. With the apply of Padmasana, the mind is relaxed thanks to Rajas and Tamas. there’s a good increase in Sattva part.
Practicing Padmasana with pranayama, sattvik fasting and virtue provides pure blood to the endocrine glands. As a result, physical and religious development is accelerated by increasing men within the person. This posture is extremely helpful for those doing intellectual-mental work, for people who ponder and for college kids. To stabilize the fickle mind and to guard the ejaculate or attitude is exclusive.

Precautions And Contraindications
These area unit some points of caution that you simply should detain mind once you apply this attitude.

  • Avoid doing this attitude if you have got a knee or ankle joint injury.
  • This attitude should be practiced underneath the steering of AN full-fledged teacher, particularly if you’re a novice to the current create. it would look easy, however it’s not.

Beginner’s Tip
As a beginner, you’ll injure your ankle joint as you get into the create. To avoid this, you want to push the inner facet of the foot against the higher a part of your arm in order that your ankle’s stretch is balanced. Also, once you bring your foot close to the other groin, ensure the stretch within the inner and outer ankle joint remains an equivalent.

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