OM Chanting Meditation

OM Chanting Meditation:

This meditation is also called Mantra Dhyan. The word ‘OM’ has been considered very important in Hinduism. It is said that mere pronunciation of Om brings peace and concentration in the mind.

According to Hindu mythology, Om or Omkar; Brahma (creator), Vishnu (protector) and Shiva (liberator) symbolize. Chanting “Om” develops divine energy (Shakti) of God within us. The sound of OM is believed to be the Bijamantra or the first sound of the universe. Therefore, by chanting this mantra, we become one with nature.

Technique or Methods of OM Chanting Meditation:

1. OM To meditate, get up before sunrise and take daily action, bath etc.
2. Put a mat or clean cloth in a clean and peaceful place and sit in a state of happiness.
3. Now close the eyes and chant the mind and chant OM words.
4. Initially do some time slowly and then increase the time.
5. After doing this you will feel at peace and get rid of stress.

What is the benefits of OM Chanting Meditation:

Contrary to popular belief, chanting of Om is not necessarily a religious symbol. In short, it is a basic sound, which produces some vibration in the human body. The sound of O – in the stomach produces the vibration of U – in the chest and M – produces a vibration in the nose. Some people believe that Chanting of Om improves concentration. Perhaps the mind is unstable for the first time, but it can be focused with regular chanting. Focusing can reduce stress and discomfort. According to some medical findings, chanting of this mantra will help in lowering blood pressure and can improve the health of the heart. By fixing time for this meditation every day one will feel a sense of peace. It is beneficial for people stuck in daily routine and can avoid sadness. Many yoga classes often start with the mantra of Om. If focused before any exercise, body movements can be improved. Sitting in a Kamaalasana can improve posture and improve spine alignment.

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