Navel Displacement Treatment

Navel Displacement Treatment

Navel Point (Nabhi Chakra) what’s it ?

“In the centre of the abdomen the navel centre reposes within the circle remarked as Manipura. Between the navel and so the last bone of the rachis is that the navel centre formed sort of a bird’s egg. This encloses at intervals itself the beginning points of seventy a combine of thousand nerves of that seventy two unit of measure very important. Of these, again, 10 unit of measure the foremost necessary. so on possess correct management over these 10 nerves, one have to be compelled to take special pains.”

The sacred Upanishads says : 

“Tan-nabhi mandale cakram procyate mani-purakam Urdhvam medhrad-adho nabheh kande yonih khag-andavat. Tatra nadyah samutpannah sahasranam dvisaptatih. Tesu nadi-sah- sresu dvi-saptatir-udahrtah. Pradhanah prana-vahinyo bhuyas-tasu dasa smratah.”

Nabhi Chakra Chikitsa: 

NAVEL purpose THERAPYAs a part of Ayur religious text science and additionally happiness to the  yogis.This secret observe forms a central a part of Kundalini Yoga and also the ancient yogistic science. within the period ( 1969-70’s ) , Yoga Guru Dr.Shakya stressed the importance and necessity of getting a powerful base (foundation) and “nabhi adjustment” and “nabhi kriyas” or sets were common place in his categories.
What precisely is that the navel point?

Yoga Guru Dr.Shakya tell us that the “navel point” is that the center of energy distribution of the delicate anatomy. The central start line of the advanced system of nadis and chakras.

The center of attention of physical energy: the middle of life, health, inner strenght, balance.The “navel point” ought to be focused directly beneath the point in an exceedingly healthy individual, but the ebbs and flows of the physical existence in time and house and also the daily stress  of GRAVITY.
Yoga Guru Dr.Shakya have suggested  the daily observe of bound asanas to strenghten and modify this “navel point”. Western science (i.e. applied kinesiology) tells us that the Yoga Guru Dr.Shakya thought of “navel purpose” corresponds with “the point of top pulsation of the abdominal aorta” in respect to the umbilicus(belly button).

The daily observe of “stretch pose” UTTANAPADASANA places the body in an exceedingly position of unfueled pressure that corrects the deeper muscular imbalances (illiopsoas ,diaphragm) and in doing therefore re-centers the “navel point” wherever it ought to be. additionally harmonize the pelvic/spinal alignment.

How to check for the NABHI:

After maintaining “stretch pose” for as long as comfy.Then relax in SAVASANA .Then one will simply be part of the fingertips with the thumb forming atiny low circle and firmly press  straight down at the navel.One ought to feel the “belly pulse” beneath the fingertips. If the heart beat is within the center, then the navel is properly adjusted.

For Men and women :

once the patient is among the stiff produce, once doing the Uttanapadasana, the examiner got to shut the five fingers, of his hand and place them on the patient’s navel. If the navel is found to be beating a bit like the guts, everything is thus as. If the navel beat is found to emanate from! anywhere but the right spot, the navel is not functioning usually.The present position of the navel is where it’s found beating.

If not the following sequence of asanas was recommended by Yoga Therapist, to adjust the “navel point”

Navel Adjustment Kriya :

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