How to do Nauli Kriya and what its Benefits?

How to do Nauli Kriya and its Benefits?

Nauli is a very important activity of yoga, which helps in awakening the Manipuraka chakra located in the navel and also eliminates all the diseases of the stomach because it gives great mass massage to all the internal organs of the stomach!

  • To do this, first of all stand upright and keep a distance of about one and a half feet between the legs.
  • Then take a deep breath and lean forward and place your hands above the knees.
  • Now, take the breath completely out of the body and pull the abdomen towards the waist like Uddyyan Bandha!
  • Now alternately rotate your stomach clockwise and anti-clockwise by giving slight pressure on both knees.
  • As long as you can hold your breath, keep doing it, then stand back straight!
  • Repeat this action again!
  • Do this at least 4-5 times daily!

There are three types of Nauli Yoga Kriya :

  1. Madhyanauli, 
  2. Dakshinauli, 
  3. Vamanauli!

By alternating thrust on different hands, Dakshinauli, Vamanauli is formed and when thrust together with both hands, the middle Nauli is formed!

Benefits of Nauli kriya:
This is a great yoga purification method! It is a panacea to cure digestion! Helps in secretion of stomach juice, removes all disorders related to indigestion, late digestion, etc. and provides happiness!
Rotating, dancing and shrinking the entire stomach during Nauli massages all the muscles and organs of the stomach and they are strengthened!

  • It generates heat in the body and activates the digestive fire!
  • It balances endocrine functions, regulates hormones!
  • Very good for patients with diabetes and plays a big role in reducing sugar!
  • Beneficial in reducing sexual and urinary disorders!
  • It increases the mobility of various organs of the intestines and helps in the activation of the nervous system and their fine centers.
  • Provides greater control over the excretion of various substances from the intestines, such as feces, urine and reproductive-urinary secretions.

Precautions in Nauli Kriya:
People suffering from hernia, high blood pressure, gastric or small intestine ulcers should not do this, it is strictly forbidden during pregnancy, after stomach operation or if there is any injury to the stomach. Do, if you experience abdominal pain during this action, it should be stopped immediately

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