How to do Kunjal Kriya and Benefits

Learn such a sexual activity, which will not let more than a dozen diseases come to you. Shatkarma is an integral part of yoga and its most important karma is Kunjal.

Kunjal is also known as Gajkarani and Vaman Dhoti. It is difficult to see and some people find it a bit scary, but it is very easy. After a few days of practice, it seems very simple. Its main job is to clean up. Once you learn the technique of this action, you will be useful throughout your life.
These days many people are adopting yoga. But there is still a shortage of good yoga gurus in the country. We are collecting most of the knowledge from internet. This is how people search the Internet about the Kunjal Kriya,

  • Right way to perform Kunjal Kriya
  • How to do Kunjal Kriya
  • Right way to do gajarni
  • The right way to do vomit dhoti
  • Benefits of vomit dhoti

We defecate and brush daily, but do not clean the phlegm stored inside the body. This is what this action does. You will feel the benefit of this action immediately after taking action. All good yogis perform the Vomana Dhoti before performing the asana. This is an important part of the compound protocol.

What is kunjal:

In yoga, there is a provision of hetkarma for cleaning the internal organs of the body. Six actions means six actions. These include Neti, Dhoti, Basti, Nauli, Trataka and Kapalbhati. Dhoti actually means washing. There are many ways to wash, one of them is Vaman Dhoti which is also known as Kunjal and Gajkarani.

How to perform Kunjal Kriya:

This action is done in the morning. This action can be done at any time of the day if needed. But we will talk about that further. Let’s talk about the morning action. For this, first of all, be fresh and brush in the morning.

You will need a two-liter jug ​​and bucket. Wear shorts and keep about two liters of hot water. The water is so hot that you can bear it.
Now sit in the posture of Kagasan and drink water slowly in the jug. Many people drink two liters of water comfortably, but some people speak only in one liter.

You have to keep drinking water until you feel like vomiting. When you feel like vomiting, just stop and lighten your mind. Then drink water.
The time will automatically come when the desire to vomit becomes stronger. So do not panic or panic. Stand in peace. Combine both legs and bend them at a 90 degree angle between the waist and legs while keeping them straight.

You can place the bucket in front or you can also do this action in the soil. In yoga institutes, there is a separate yard for this.

Start like this:

Place the left hand on the stomach. Press the youngest finger with the thumb and take all the three fingers (index finger, middle and ring finger) inside the mouth and rub the last part of the tongue with it. You will start vomiting as soon as you do this. As soon as this happens, take out the fingers and let the water fall as a squirt.
Keep the position of your fingers in the same way, as soon as the water stops, then move the fingers inside the mouth and rub it on the back side of the tongue.

Drain water:

When you rub the tongue, you will start vomiting a few moments after that. Keep in mind that we do not have to vomit with a jerk, but to let the water fall by making a razor blade. If you do it for the first time, there will be a little trouble, but keep it so settled in your mind that your stomach is being cleaned.

A time will come when sour and bitter water comes out. When this happens, understand that your work is 99 percent completed. Now drink a glass of hot water once again and take it out like that. This is just like after washing the dishes with soap we finally run some water. Initially, many people do not get full water from them. If this is not the case, there is no need to worry.

What is its science:

This action has been made in a very scientific way. Its purpose is specifically to clean your food pipe and stomach. Warm water gives good cleaning, so it is used. Warm water cleanses the greasy dirt in your food pipe and stomach. This action can be done daily. The water that you drink remains till the stomach. Very little of it is able to go into the intestines because by then you have done the vomit dhoti.

Can also do in the morning:

Although morning is the best time to do this activity, but in some circumstances you can do it anytime. Such as: If indigestion and very bad cover are coming. You can do it even if you feel restless after eating something. On performing this action, many times an undigested grain also comes out. If this happens, there is no need to panic.

Get rid of these diseases:

Kunjal is very beneficial karma. People of all ages can do this. In today’s lifestyle, we eat so many times, due to which there is a pile of filth in our home. Kunjal cleans it up in the best way.
By doing this activity regularly, many types of diseases do not get blocked. These include facial abscesses, tooth diseases, tongue and eye diseases, heart disease, blood disorders, constipation, thoracic diseases, bile, phlegm outbreak, cough, asthma, loss of appetite, dry mouth, tonsils. , Cover the covers.

What are the precautions to be taken while doing Kunjal:
  • The water should not be too hot, however hot enough that you can bear. It is not ignited with cold water.
  • While performing the action, the body should not be moved up and down.
  • Be patient. Initially many people panic while doing this. Keep in mind that there is water in your body, even if it remains, there will be no harm.
  • While vomiting, do not stress too much on the stomach. Support the stomach with your left hand.
  • Never do this action by standing upright or sitting.
  • One should not take a bath immediately after performing the Kunjal. Either you take a bath before this action or else take a bath at least two and a half hours after you have done kunjal.
  • One should not wash face after Kunjal, this may swell the face.
  • Sunrise is the best time to do this. You can do this every day.

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