Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose):

In Sanskrit, ‘Gomukh’ means ‘cow’s face’ or cow’s face. The position of the feet in this posture is very similar to the shape of a cow face. That is why it is called Gomukhasana. It is also called Cow Face Pose. It is extremely beneficial posture for women. These asanas are very beneficial in sciatica,  constipation, arthritis, metallic disease, diabetes, indigestion, back pain.

Technique or Steps of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose):

  • First of all, sit with both legs spread forward and keep your hands in the side.
  • Bend the left leg with the knee and place it on the ground from the side of the right butt.
  • In the same way, bend the right foot from the knee, bring it above the left foot and keep the right heel near the left butt.
  • Now raise your left hand and bend it with the elbow and lower it backwards from the shoulders.
  • Slowly slowly Raising the right arm, bend with the elbow and move it back upwards to the back.
  • and now you Keep the fingers of both hands behind the back in such a way that they interlock each other.
  • Now try to push the head backwards as far as possible by resting it on the elbow.
  • Try to look forward as far as possible and wear the posture according to your own.
  • It was a half cycle.
  • Repeat this by changing the position of the feet and hands.
  • Now one cycle is complete, you should do this three to five times.

Benefits of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose):

  • For healthy hip: If you are suffering from pain of hips then practice this asana.
  • Gomukhasana for the spine: It keeps the spine straight and also makes it strong.
  • In preventing Hemorrhoids: It is considered to be a very useful yoga practice for hemorrhoids.
  • For Gomukhasana Cervical Spondylitis: By practicing this asana you can get rid of many troubles such as shoulder tightness, neck pain, and cervical spondylitis.
  • Gomukhasana for Asthma: It is a highly practiced yoga practice for the lungs and helps in respiratory diseases. It strengthens the chest and increases its capacity by cleaning the lungs. Therefore, patients with asthma should practice this asana regularly.
  • For Gomukhasan Sexual Problems: This posture is very effective in removing sexual problems. It is also very beneficial for female diseases.
  • In back pain: With its regular practice, you can get relief from the troubles of back pain.
  • Gomukhasana for liver and kidney: It plays an important role in keeping your liver and kidney healthy.
  • Make the body flexible: By doing this asana, the body becomes smooth and flexible.
  • Gomukhasana for diabetes: It stimulates your pancreas and is helpful in controlling diabetes.
  • Gomukhasana for strengthening the arms: If you want to strengthen the muscles of the back and arms, then definitely practice this asana.

Caution on Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose):

  • If your hemorrhoids are bleeding then this asana should not be practiced.
  • Do not practice this asana if you have more pain in hands and feet.
  • If there is a serious problem in the spine, do not do this yoga at all.
  • If you are having trouble binding your hands behind your back, do not force yourself.
  • Do not practice it if you have pain in your knees.

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