In this posture, the shape of the body is made like a drawn bow, so it is called Dhanurasana. Meditation in the Manipur Chakra. Breathing laxative in downward position and complement in upward position.

Technique of Dhanurasana

Lie flat on the blankets lying on the bottom, inverted. the 2 legs stay along. currently bend each legs with knees. Move each hands back and hold each feet with ankles. actuation the legs gently by holding the laxative, pull it slowly. attempt to move the top backwards the maximum amount as you’ll be able to. The vision ought to even be upwards and backwards. The burden of the complete body can stay solely on the Nupradesh. The body part higher than the waist and therefore the entire leg below the waist are going to be bent upwards. stay during this position with Kumbhak. Afterwards, open the arms and move the feet and head to the first position and supplement it. at first do that posture for 5 seconds. Slowly increase the time and apply this posture for 3 minutes or a lot of. This posture ought to be done 3 or fourfold.

Dhanurasana Benefits

  • The practice of Dhanurasana reduces abdominal fat. Gas is away. Stomach diseases are destroyed. There is benefit in constipation. Hunger opens.
  • Chest pain ends. The heart becomes stronger by removing heartbeat. All diseases of the throat are destroyed. The voice becomes melodious. Breathing goes on systematically. The face becomes beautiful.
  • Light of the eyes increases and all diseases disappear. Vibration in hands and feet stops. The beauty of the body increases.
  •  Stomach muscles get good benefit due to stretch. Due to a lot of pressure on the intestines, there is also pressure on the abdominal organs. As a result, digestive juices start coming in the intestines, which increases gastritis, increases digestion power.
  •  Eurogy is destroyed. There is more circulation of blood in the abdominal area. Due to the inclusion of Bhujangasana and Shalabhasana in Dhanurasana, both these asanas get benefits.
  • This asana is very beneficial for women. It cures menstrual disorders, all uterine diseases.

Precautions And Contraindications

These square measure some points of caution you need to detain mind before you are doing this posture.
This posture shouldn’t be practiced if you suffer from a herniation, high or low pressure level, pain within the lower back, migraines, headaches, neck injuries, or if you have got had associate abdominal surgery recently.
Women ought to avoid this posture throughout gestation.

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