Active Stretch Pose: for Beginner’s or after Injuries or Accidents

Active Stretch Pose: for Beginner’s or after Injuries or Accidents

Begin  in Pose -2  Exhale in pose -2

Inhale in Pose -1 extend legs ( hold 5-10 sec. , then exhale back to Pose -2  with knees to chest)
( Repeat 5-10 X ) then relax completely in corpse pose.

Adjust the exercise to your body, don’ t strain.Gradually build up your stamina and focus.

Another modification that can be used is to place one’s palms under the buttocks, palms flat to to the ground, so as to elevate the pelvic area.

1. Stretch Pose (Uttanapadasana)
2. Knees to Nose (Pavan Muktasana)
3. Rock on spine
4. Ego Eradicator

Stretch Pose: Lying on back, arms and legs unbroken straight, raise feet, head and hands 6” off the bottom and hold with Breath of fireplace for two minutes or

Eyes ought to examine massive toes, and hands purpose towards feet.

If the waist comes up, place hands below hips for support.

If command but a moment, rest and repeat create, increasing time daily.Sets the navel.

2. Nose to Knees: Bend the knees and clasp legs with arrns, raising head in order that nose comes between knees and hold with Breath of fireplace for

3. Spinal Rock: In same position, rock back and forth on the spine from neck to tailbone for one minute.Distributes pranic energy and relaxes spine.

4. Ego-Eradicator: Sit in simple create and lift arms to 60° bent the perimeters, fingertips on pads of fingers, thumbs extended straight up and hold with Breath of fireplace for two minutes.

Then deeply inhale and extremely SLOWLY raise arms till thumb tips bit overhead, flatten hands and slowly arc them down, sweeping the aura with the palms, grouping any darkness,

negativity or illness, and press and unleash it into the world, to scrub and energize the aura.Feel light-weight around you and meditate thereon light-weight.

with Bhastrika (Breath of Fire)After the last exercise relax your effort, let the energy flow into and integrate body, mind, aura

Active Stretch Pose: for beginner’s or after injuries or accidents

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